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Alvis is always looking for talented freelance translators (for all languages). Although we accept individuals with experience in all fields, we’re particularly interested in translators with expertise in machinery, semiconductors, and pharmaceuticals.
Interested individuals must submit a trial translation (which is evaluated free of charge). Applicants are required to have at least two years of translation experience.
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Translation checker (Osaka Office only)
Alvis is looking for individuals capable of proofreading translated documents in a range of languages (but particularly English) and fields. Proofreading work is provided on a project-by-project (contract) basis. Applicants must qualify by passing a free trial.
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Alvis is always looking for talented freelance interpreters. Individuals with either simultaneous or consecutive experience are welcome to apply. Please provide a personal profile and a description of your principal interpreting experience on the application form below.
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Osaka: +81-6-6532-2367
Tokyo: +81-3-5366-0922
Fukuoka: +81-92-724-5781
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