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EU Language Translation

The European Union currently counts 28 member nations (as of July 2013) and 24 official languages (see list below). Regulations require that all legal documents associated with exports bound for the EU be translated into each official language.
Due to the large number of source and target language combinations, this translation requirement imposes a significant burden on companies trying to compile the necessary documentation.
Because the EU is also the world’s largest repository of multilingual data, Alvis leverages an extensive network of EU translators to provide speedy translation and layout services, enabling clients to time the release of products in EU member nations to coincide with their release in other nations worldwide.

  • Alvis can provide translation services for any language combination.
  • With Alvis, you can stop worrying about whether languages with special characters have been rendered properly and without font issues. For a list of supported applications used for translation layout work and other information, see Total Document Solutions.

List of EU Languages

German French Italian Dutch
English Danish Greek Spanish
Portuguese Swedish Finnish Czech
Hungarian Polish Slovak Esthonian
Lithuanian Latvian Maltese Slovene
Bulgarian Romanian Irish Croatian
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