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Translation Services | IT, communications, and security

Examples of IT, communications, and security translation

Employment regulations for software developers; GSM mobile phone user manuals; Xbox game user manuals, catalogs, and brochures; employee training materials (for mobile phone companies), security education and training tools, Privacy Policy
Call center maintenance and operating manuals; laptop computer instruction manuals; image processing tester instruction manuals; specifications, image testing system specifications, and manufacturing system technical documentation for mobile phone LCDs; test evaluation reports
Mobile phone catalogs and brochures, DVD cleaner catalogs and brochures, IC card catalogs and brochures explaining associated technologies
Basic purchasing agreements, system consulting contracts, licensing agreements, mobile phone rental agreements, reports of patent infringement investigations, annual reports, business reports, medium-term business plans, financial statements, end-of-year financial summaries, IR news, factbooks, environmental and social reports, nondisclosure agreements
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