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Translation Services | Medical, pharmaceutical, and veterinary

Medical, pharmaceutical, and veterinary/Pharmaceutical and medical device

Our pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device translation services are most notable for the large number of full-time translators we employ with knowledge in medical fields. Backed up by our network of international medical information, full-time staff and native checkers carefully verify translation accuracy, ensuring our ability to consistently provide up-to-date, high-quality translations.

Specialized Translators

A large team of full-time translators holding pharmaceutical-related degrees sets us apart. Both the size and quality of this team make Alvis a leading player in the Japanese pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical devices translation field.

Thorough Checking and Revision Systems

Several dozen veterinarians, pharmacists, and full-time checkers form the backbone of our thorough quality control system. Experienced professionals who have been involved with research and development at major pharmaceutical companies both in Japan and abroad oversee final revisions of translations related to product development, in-licensing, and out-licensing.

Fields and Experience

Development, manufacturing, and regulatory affairs
  • Regulatory registration and approval applications
    Outlines and other documentation describing human pharmaceuticals, veterinary medicinal products, and agricultural chemicals
  • Approval review dossiers
    Physicochemical studies
    Studies related to stability, toxicity, special toxicity, safety, pharmacology, absorption, residues, clinical characteristics, performance, and others
  • Guidelines
    Documentation related to ISO and other quality control and quality assurance standards
    Applications for the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
    Manufacturing and sales manuals, etc.
  • * Agencies to which documentation is submitted: Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (Japan); Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (Japan); Food and Drug Administration (U.S.); European Medicines Agency (Europe)
  • Technical and other product documentation
  • Manuals
    Operational, technical, and instruction manuals
  • Promotional tools
    Catalogs, brochures, narrations for product commercials, presentation slides, internal and external training materials, etc.
  • Market surveys, letters, meeting minutes, etc.
  • Contracts and agreements required for product development and sale
Scientific papers
  • Papers
    Journal publications, presentations, and lectures; abstracts
  • Medical commentaries, etc.

Other Services

English document proofing (checking by native speakers)
Native English speakers with specialized medical knowledge proof documents to ensure they are written naturally (focusing on grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, and typographical errors).
We can also check the original (Japanese) version of your document against its English translation to ensure accuracy and grammatical consistency while at the same time checking for spelling mistakes and revising language as necessary.
Transcription services
Alvis can create written transcripts from audio recordings of English and Japanese society meetings, academic lectures, round-table discussions, product announcements, and other events.
Interpretation Services
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