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Translation Services | Semiconductors & Electronic Components

Examples of semiconductors & Electronic components translation

Press releases, capacitor catalogs and brochures, modular product catalogs, discrete product catalogs, European and U.S. quality assurance standards, internal process management rules, problem reports
Technical documentation for LSIs for use in general-purpose applications, mobile phones, digital cameras, audiovisual equipment, and computers; product specifications; software specifications; user manuals; device driver specifications; LSI evaluation system installation manuals; technical notes; evaluation board manuals; application manuals; functional specifications; sequencer control procedures; CPU manuals; discrete product promotional campaign manuals; modular product promotional campaign manuals; academic papers for submission for publication; laser measuring instrument technical survey reports; laser applied component manufacturing system specifications; semiconductor manufacturing system manuals; semiconductor reference manuals; technical guides for sensors; documents detailing the horizontal deployment of quality assurance measures throughout an organization; test result reports; quality control process charts
Semiconductor manufacturing system maintenance contracts, packaging technology license agreements, articles of incorporation for board manufacturers, employment contracts for Chinese developers, distributorship agreements for trading companies dealing in electronic components, negotiation minutes for board manufacturer joint ventures, annual reports, business reports, medium-term business plans, financial statements, end-of-year financial summaries, IR news, factbooks, environmental and social reports
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